Our Testimonials

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“As of 3-7-23, I have been admitted to Renown Hospice and Palliative care due to severe pain with bone infection and other issues. I want to thank Dr Brady and staff for all the supportive care I have received since August of 2022. I like how Dr. Brady always gets to the point in a caring and compassionate manner, yet open to hearing me and always willing to work with me. If I was to need his help I hope he would take me back as his patient. I will recommend ProCare to anyone needing pain management in sharing the integrity, care and compassion of Dr. Brady and staff members. Thank you so much for all the care I received. Thank you for the care you give my mom as it’s so good to see that she is not enduring as much pain before you accepted her as a patient. Blessings to you all.” ~ Cyndi C

“Dan has well taken care of medical needs and that has greatly improved my quality of life. Thanks Dr. Brady. I am blessed to have you as a provider.” ~ Mitchell I.
“Thank you for your help. I’m really grateful with the service that I’m getting.” ~ Alisandro B.
“I just want to say how grateful and blessed I am to have such a compassionate, and supportive pain doctor that Dr. Brady shows in his treatment towards managing my pain. I have prayed much in asking the Lord to bless me with a pain doctor, and he answered my prayers in Dr. Brady. I’m so deeply grateful that Im on a good pain management program as they control my pain and keeps me out of the hospital. I just want to say thank you to Dr. Brady, Jen, Jennifer and all the other staff members for always being so kind and understanding and willing to help me in having a better quality of life. Blessings and peace to you all.” ~ Cynthia C.
“I was seen by Dr Brady on Oct 6th (2022) for an epidural, I was a nervous wreck never having one before. My pain was in my back and down my right leg for years. The procedure was pleasant and easy. The next day I was amazed on how I felt. I woke up with NO PAIN!. I would highly recommend the procedure for anyone who has sciatica pain and lower back pain. Dr, Dan did a great job!” ~ Janette M.
“Just wanted to say how blessed and grateful I am that Dr. Brady is my pain management doctor. I appreciate the trust we have and that I can talk to him openly and honestly. Thank you all for being caring and compassionate when it comes to helping me with the pain I endure, which can be sever. I thank Dr. Brady for really listening to me and respecting that I know my body and the pain I have endured for over 15years be paralyzed. I also suffer from high anxiety and Dr. Brady helps me to calm down when I come to my appointments. Thank you all so very much for understanding when I’m having high anxiety. Blessings to you and all yours.” ~ Cyndi C.
“I have been a chiropractor for nearly 30 years. My practice style is very hands on and physically demanding. As a result, my left hip has become quite degenerative and I found myself in constant pain. Imaging confirmed the severe degenerative state of my left hip. I was told by an Orthopedist that I would most likely need a complete hip replacement. The thought of such a major procedure was not very appealing. While I was able to maintain my mobility with chiropractic, stretching and strengthening routines, the constant state of inflammation impacted my sleep and activities. Like many, I eventually opted for a steroid injection. This provided quite a bit of relief but the pain returned.  Each subsequent steroid injection gave less and less relief. I was frustrated that hip replacement surgery was looking more and more likely. Fortunately, I consulted with Dr. Daniel Brady about PRP. Rather than strictly addressing the inflammation with steroids, Dr. Brady suggested a course of regenerative therapy with Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP). This involves drawing your own blood and processing it to remove the platelets and white cells and injecting them directly into the damaged joint capsule.  We did a series of three treatments at two week intervals. After the first injection there was some soreness but overall I didn’t note much improvement. After the second injection, however, I experienced about 24 hours of a deep achy sensation in my hip and then about a 75% reduction of pain from that point forward. After the third injection, I experienced the same 24 hours of increased ache and then almost complete resolution of pain to the hip. I have been able to sleep through the night now, climb stairs and even — to my surprise — sprint after my dog who escaped down the street all without any limiting pain to my hip. The level of relief I feel now far exceeds what I experienced with the steroids. The idea of using your body’s own immune system to treat a chronic degenerative condition is very appealing. I would highly recommend Dr. Brady and PRP to anyone that has a degenerative joint. “